Fee for Services Options

Wealth Management with on-going Implementation, Monitoring and Risk Management • Fee for Accounts Under Management is 0.50-1.25% based on complexity

Integrated Financial & Tax Planning with Investment Management services including on-going implementation, account monitoring and risk management. Planning includes:

  • Detailed Financial Planning • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Management • Account Performance Reviews
  • Social Security Maximization • Medicare Program Guidance
  • Roth Conversion Assistance • Income Tax Reviews
  • Tax Loss Harvesting • Quarterbacking of Legal, Tax and Estate Matters

Essentially a “White Glove” all-inclusive advisory engagement with on-going implementation & support.

Account Review / Second Opinion • Fee is $750 per engagement

Financial Check-Up consultation to evaluate your financial health and provide financial guidance on existing 401k, 403b, & TSP plans. Includes a written "How To" report on setting appropriate retirement income goals, an action plan, and guidance to keep score on your readiness for retirement. Good for most everyone investing through a company or public retirement plan and those wanting an objective second opinion when considering investment recommendations.

Retirement Maintenance Plan • Fee is $2,000 per engagement

A periodic tune-up or retirement maintenance plan with financial guidance to answer questions such as:

  • Am I saving enough and how much do I need to retire?
  • What will my retirement income be with Soc Sec when I retire?
  • Will I run out of money in retirement?
  • How can I improve and fast track my retirement?

Includes a portfolio review with retirement analysis showing retirement age savings and income distributions in retirement with recommendations for investing for your 401K or 403b plan. Great for those more than 7-10 years out from retirement who need to begin seriously investing to improve and fast track their retirement.

On-Track Financial Plan for Retirement • Fee is $3,000 per engagement

A personalized, formal Financial Check-up providing a snapshot of your financial health with detailed projections of:

  • Future Retirement savings Projections • Retirement Income Projections
  • Insurance Need Review • Net Worth Report & Recommendations
  • Income Distribution Report incl. Social Security & Roth Conversions
  • Income Tax Review and Commentary & Recommendations

This engagement includes recommendations for improving investment performance and how to keep more of what you save. Great for those less than 7 years out from retirement or those already retired, who need to organize with an action plan, see a financial snapshot of their finances and invest strategically for a more secure retirement. Includes assistance with implementation with 30-day support after delivery of your written On-Track Financial Plan.