Fee for Services Options

Wealth Management with on-going Account Management, Investment Implementation, Portfolio Monitoring, and Risk Management. Assets Under Management Fee is 0.50 - 1.25% based on complexity & accounts under management.

Integrated Financial & Tax Planning with Investment Management services using financial goals as a baseline to build and manage your financial well-being so they stay aligned with how you want to live now and in retirement.

  • Detailed Financial Planning • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Management • Account Performance Reviews
  • Social Security Maximization • Medicare Program Guidance
  • Roth Conversion Assistance • Income Tax Reviews & Tax Planning
  • Tax Loss Harvesting • Quarterbacking of Legal, Tax & Estate Matters

Essentially a “White Glove” all-inclusive advisory engagement with on-going implementation & support.

Account Review / Second Opinion • Fee is $750 per engagement

Account Reviews & Second Opinions is a project based advisory service that evaluates how to improve investment outcomes considering your financial goals and what you’re doing, or plan to do. From a baseline financial goal, it assesses whether you are likely to reach your accumulation or income goal continuing with your current investment strategy or whether a different investment approach is preferable. Project concludes with an unbiased report providing investment recommendations based upon your age, retirement goals, savings, risk capacity, and the current business cycle. Beneficial for those experiencing lifestyle changes, those seeking retirement advice, and those considering making illiquid investments they want a second opinion about.

Retirement Maintenance Plan • Fee is $1,750 per engagement

A periodic retirement tune-up complete with financial guidance to answer questions such as:

  • Am I saving enough and how much do I need to retire?
  • What will my retirement income be and when should I take Social Security?
  • How much can I safely spend & will I run out of money in retirement?
  • How can I improve and fast track my retirement?

Provides an in-depth portfolio evaluation with cash flow analysis of projected retirement income and recommendations for improving your 401K, 403b TSP or IRA savings plan strategy. Also includes Roth Conversions and Social Security strategies with a focus on tax mitigation. Most beneficial for those age 45 - 55 with ten or more years to plan, those who need to begin serious consideration of how to meet their retirement goals and those wanting to know when they can retire comfortably.

On-Track Financial Plan for Retirement • Fee is $2,500 per engagement

A formal, in-depth portfolio evaluation and financial check-up providing a current snapshot of your financial health with detailed projections:

  • Net Worth & Retirement Cash Flow Projections
  • Net Worth Report & Recommendations • Insurance Needs Review
  • Social Security, Medicare & Roth Conversions Guidance
  • Income Tax Review and Recommendations for Tax Minimization

This engagement takes a deep dive into evaluating how you are investing, providing recommendations for improved asset allocation with a risk management focus to improve financial outcomes helping you keep more of what you save. Good for everyone but necessary for those 5-7 years away from retirement, or those already retired, and especially for those who tend to passively invest. Concludes with a financial snapshot report and written recommendations for a more secure retirement considering your financial profile and circumstances. Includes assistance with investment implementation if needed and comes with 30-day support after delivery of your written On-Track Financial Plan.