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Plan Your Financial Future

We understand people have different financial needs. Starting out, guidance to make good financial decisions is important. Later, a financial plan and smart investing are critical. Near or at retirement, assistance to implement, monitor and manage threats to income becomes crucial. Get the help you want when you need it.

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A Premier Five Star Advisor dedicated to guiding individuals, families, small business owners and private trusts.

We begin engagements by understanding your unique financial situation, identifying areas of strength and opportunity, and leveraging this knowledge to enhance your financial well-being.

Our Wealth Management approach is goal-based and designed to improve your bottom line.

Asset Protection

It is human nature to focus on the upside potential of a transaction, but it is equally important to consider downside risks and "manage" them before things go south as financial setbacks also cause the loss of time and money. While our competence is in the financial arena, we have curated a team of specialists to combat legal and tax exposures in a cost effective way. The time to take action is before an adverse event happens. Start a conversation to get ahead of the curve. Exploration is always confidential & complimentary.

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Business Consulting

Business owners and high net worth individuals often pay large tax bills because most accountants are focused on routine tasks such as tax preparation and audit. ProActive Advisors' approach aims to provide added value by thoroughly reviewing your financial situation to identify potential opportunities for tax savings and effectively communicating these findings to help minimize tax liabilities. This includes access to our Virtual Family Office (VFO) of specialized professionals with us quarterbacking the workflow to maximize financial outcomes. The goal is to “add value” above our cost as your financial advisor.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning assures your wishes are carried out and your legacy is imparted to loved ones and beneficiaries. Your estate plan is a legal document with related powers of attorney, living wills, healthcare directives, wills, and perhaps trust(s) specifying how your assets will be managed and distributed after your incapacitation and death. The 2017 Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act will expire with a sunset provision at year end 2025. Should Congress not intervene or amend the tax legislation, income taxes will rise and estate tax exemptions will fall resetting back to roughly 50% of today's exemption levels. ProActive Advisors strongly recommends reviewing your estate plan or setting one up if you don't have one. Give us a call or request an appointment and we'll help you get organized to work on a personalized estate plan to fulfill your wishes.

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Legal Services

Asset purchases and sales, business sales & combinations, special needs trusts, estate plans, divorces, and transactions of most kinds have tax ramifications that legal strategies can address. Whether it's to secure income, minimize capital gains, or shield assets from lawsuits, collaboration of financial and legal advice is important. Engage ProActive Advisors' Virtual Family Office to quarterback your financial strategy with your local legal and accounting professionals for greater confidence your needs are met. Begin the process with a complementary meeting to describe your goals and objectives and we'll gather the facts, present them with you to an appropriate legal authority for their opinion and assistance. Doing so with advisors who have experience opens new possibilities and can reap financial benefits beyond the costs.

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Tax Planning

Benjamin Franklin is credited with the quotation that "nothing is certain except death and taxes". Many people fail to understand that in the 72,000 pages of the US Tax Code, there are numerous legal ways to pay less in taxes, particularly if you are a high net worth individual or business owner. No one can be an expert in all of the tax credits, deductions, exemptions, and legislative offsets built into the code. For this reason, ProActive works closely with tax specialists. Evaluations and analyses are typically done on a contingency basis, with no out-of-pocket costs unless you and your local CPA decide it's beneficial to proceed. Call us for a review of your personal situation to see if our team can identify potential tax savings that may save you thousands. Exploratory meetings are complimentary.

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Wealth Management

Whether you're starting a business, purchasing a first home, saving for your children's education or for your retirement, combining planning encompassing tax and legal matters with investment strategy is crucial for a successful outcome. Our "Virtual Family Office" model provides a more affordable alternative to the ultra-rich family office approach to address complex legal and tax matters. Implementation, portfolio monitoring and corrective action to combat market risk are done for you. Our goal is to align financial planning with sound investment decisions to optimize performance and achieve both better financial outcomes and greater peace of mind.

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ProActive Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor providing wealth advisory services which primarily consist of financial & tax planning and investment management services. We do not provide accounting, tax, or legal services, although we collaborate with other professional advisors for better after-tax outcomes. For more complete details about our advisory services and fees, please see our Fee for Services page.