Advisory Services for Small Business Owners

Structuring financial and tax matters to strike a balance between what you put into a business and what you get out is essential for growth and business continuity.

As fiduciary advisors, we create financial strategies integrating business and personal finances by providing advice in these core areas:

• asset protection

• key employee benefits

• 401k plan services

• business transitions

• money management

• SEP retirement plans

• succession planning

• tax efficiency

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Lawrence York and John York in a meeting

Business Growth from Good Decisions

As every business owner knows, the first step in making a decision is to gather the relevant facts and assess the range of financial outcomes and probabilities that those outcomes will occur.

Use our Business Assessment Tool to explore the life cycle stage that your business is in along with suggestions for increasing growth at that stage.

Advisory Services for Entrepreneurs

Establishing a new business takes vision, hustle, scrappiness, and leadership. Additionally, it takes financial management and a laser-like focus on workflow processes to ignite growth.

ProActive Advisors helps entrepreneurs assess their readiness, set priorities and manage their finances. We also help you assess risks and act strategically.

Learn more about resources ProActive Advisors has available to assist your new, small business.

Small business owner in a meeting

401k Plan Services with WOW!

Employers offer retirement plans to attract and retain employees. This benefit costs money and needs on-going support to make your plan a valuable benefit for your employees. Statements, newsletters, online access (website and mobile), and retirement calculators are common resources every advisor offers. Unfortunately, these tools fall short of assuring your plan’s success for its participants and key employees.

To ensure your company’s plan has a WOW factor, you need data and your employees need hands-on investment guidance. With ProActive Advisors on your team, your plan can go from “We have a 401k Plan” to “We have a retirement plan and everyone loves it.” The difference is our personalized touch and great technology.

Do Retirement Your Way

A partnership with ProActive Advisors provides an abundance of value and makes your life as an employer easier. It’s a teamwork approach. It lets you shift many plan liabilities away from you to third-party professionals. Plan administration and recordkeeping keep you in compliance. Professional advisory services transfer investment matters to us as fiduciary advisors.

Compare & Learn the Difference

Your existing retirement plan design may no longer provide the best safe harbor and benefits now available. Let ProActive Advisors have a look and we’ll see if we can improve your plan. The consultation is free. We want to help those we touch make good investment decisions and achieve retirement goals.