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Your choice of a Financial Advisor is one of the most important decisions you will make. Bad choices can have injurious consequences like stunted compounding from hidden costs, slow growth from bad strategy, and crippling losses due to poor risk management.  ProActive Advisors diligently works to navigate the complexities of change. Compare our money management practices and how they can improve your financial life.

Retirement Planning

Planning a successful retirement is about building and wisely spending income so you don’t have savings shortfall and run out of money during your lifetime.  To be successful there are complexities to get right like: how much to save, what to invest in, which investment strategy to use, when to retire, how much to safely withdraw, and when to start taking Social Security. And that’s before considering healthcare, retirement plan conversions, and taxes

ProActive can help you sort out these questions and make smarter financial decisions. In the Pre-Retirement Phase our focus is on building tax advantaged savings, and in the Post Retirement Phase  we focus on optimizing retirement spending. If you’ve been saving but have not yet looked at the details of what’s best for you given the complexities of Social Security, Taxes, and Medicare we can help. The process of making a retirement plan can be uplifting and give you greater confidence and control.  Don’t delay further. Talk with one of our financial professionals who will help you make a smart plan you can count on.

Money Management

Money Management done properly empowers financial planning by producing successful outcomes. 

Engage ProActive Advisors and we will act as a fiduciary providing on-going asset management for your account(s) and estate. This includes assessing your strengths and weaknesses and implementing decisions most favorable for you given your personal financial circumstances and our judgement and experience. Employing our proprietary 360Portfolios investment methodology ProActive will navigate the business cycles and combat market risk for you no matter what happens. You will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing professional money managers are at work for you. 

College Planning

College costs have routinely risen at rates significantly greater than inflation—typically by an average of 8-9% per year.  Students leave college burdened by excessive debt.

 A ProActive Certified College Advisor can help your family determine how much you need to invest, either in a lump sum or monthly amount, and how best to fund college expenses. Together we will explore in-state versus out-of-state and public versus private college costs. We will find advantageous ways to  improve your Admission applications and Financial Aid awards.  Using our nationwide database of Admissions offers, Financial Aid awards, and Acceptances you’ll get actionable information to navigate the business of college admissions. Start a college savings plan now so your children/grand children not only gain admission to the college or university they qualify for, but also receive more gift & merit aid reducing onerous college debt.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning helps families create a legacy with impact. With second marriages more common today, it is important to prepare for a variety of situations with professional planning that minimizes taxes and the potential of legal challenges when passing wealth on to the next generations.  

ProActive Advisors is a fiduciary that provides financial management of your assets and works with your legal and tax advisors to help protect, preserve, and pass on your wealth. Find out how professional financial guidance can improve your results and  better reflect your life’s values while keeping more of your hard-earned money for loved beneficiaries.

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