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Your choice of a Financial Advisor is one of the most important decisions you will make. Bad choices can have injurious consequences like stunted compounding from hidden costs, slow growth from bad strategy, and crippling losses due to poor risk management.  ProActive Advisors is better because we have worked to upgrade our money management practices to improve financial outcomes.

Retirement Planning

Planning a successful retirement is about building and wisely spending income so you don’t face a  income shortfall during your lifetime(s).  There are complexities to get right like: how much to save, what to invest in, what investment strategy to use, how much savings is enough, when to retire, how much to withdraw, and when to start taking Social Security. And that’s before considering healthcare, Roth IRA conversions, and tax rates. ProActive can help you sort out these questions and make smart financial decisions. We view retirement as two interrelated phases: The Pre-Retirement Phase where the focus is on building up your savings, and the Post Retirement Phase  where the focus is on spending during retirement. If you’re 5 to 10 years or more away from retiring, Phase 1 will focus on your Retirement Health and devising a glide path to Retirement. In Phase 2, the focus shifts to income maximization and Inflation protection as well as how to best distribute income in a tax efficient manner during retirement. Other available sources of income including savings, pensions, social security, etc. must also be considered.  The process can be uplifting. It gives confidence and a measure of control being an active participant in your retirement success. So if you need financial guidance, let ProActive help. 

Money Management

Money Management done properly empowers financial planning by providing professional management capabilities more likely to produce successful financial outcomes. Engage ProActive Advisors and we will act as a fiduciary providing on-going money management for your account(s). This includes selecting your investments from a universe ETFs, low cost mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds, money market funds, real estate (REITS) and other appropriate investments, while watching your money and working to keep it compounding. Investment selections and financial decisions will be made based upon personal financial information you provide and our experienced know how of the best opportunities for profit. Account management will be guided by our proprietary 360Portfolios investment methodology. You will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing professional money managers will navigate the business cycles and combat market risk for you no matter what happens.

College Planning

College costs routinely have risen at rates significantly greater than inflation—typically by an average of 8-9% per year, though recently it has been low double-digits. A ProActive Certified College Advisor will help your family determine how much they need to invest, either in a lump sum or monthly amount, to reach a future college funding goal under scenarios of public versus private colleges and living at home versus in the dorm. Our College Planning Report additionally will show  you the difference in the savings amounts needed with a qualified 529 tuition plan versus a taxable savings account. The College Plan also includes financial guidance on college funding costs utilizing our university database to advantage admission applications and financial aid appeals. The goal is to provide actionable information to enable families to know and plan for their children/grand children’s college expenses. But as importantly, it also assists them in qualifying for admission to the college or university of their choice. 

Estate Planning

Estate Planning helps families create a legacy with impact. And with second marriages more common today, it is important to prepare for a variety of situations with professional planning that minimizes taxes and potential of legal challenges when passing wealth to the next generations.  ProActive Advisors quarterbacks your specific, defined objectives with your other professional advisors to help protect, preserve, and pass on your wealth. Find more about how professional financial guidance can help you protect, provide for, and reflect your life’s values while keeping more of your hard-earned money for loved beneficiaries.

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