Retirement Planning

How much money do you need to meet your Retirement needs? Will you have enough or run out of money? ProActive helps clients see what their future will look like today. We combine planning and expert money management to help you make better decisions. We implement and manage action plans so your financial goals can occur on time. In pre-retirement, the goal is savings accumulation. Once in retirement the goal is to reset to create a glide path for withdrawing income while protecting your purchasing power.

Good things begin to happen when you have a well-conceived retirement plan. Successful outcomes occur when implementation is done expertly. Your commitment is to take the time to provide information and review your plan. Our commitment is to devise a plan of action and implement it by providing capable money management and on-going account progress reviews. It's a partnership where we help you manage and combat investment risks. That  includes the 100% certain risk of investment costs. In other words, we work as a stakeholder in your success. We manage investments for you, we don't sell them to you.  


We help Employers too. Sponsors of Retirement plans are ERISA fiduciaries having responsibility to act in the best interests of the plan beneficiaries. Yet too often fees and charges to operate a plan can be lowered considerably if greater transparency about charges were reported. Instead, standard practice consists of a revenue-sharing arrangements — using a portion of investment fees paid by participants for the plans Administrative expenses. This typically results in Participant fund options having higher internal charges instead of using low cost or No Load fund options. The long term impact for participants can be huge—as much as 25-30% less accumulated savings over their working career not available at retirement.

ProActive Advisors has a better 401k Solution…

In summary here are the substantial benefits a ProActive managed 401k on an open system platform can provide:

 Low initial setup/takeover costsPoor Strategy button

  • Participant education/Planning
  • Compliant 404c Participant Fund Options
  • Low Internal Costs
  • Fee Transparency
  • Tax Deductibility

ProActive Advisors offers an innovative, transparent 401k plan to companies. No longer do plans need to be hamstrung by limited or poor investment offerings. No longer do plans need to be chained to one mutual fund company’s offerings. We provide an open platform 401k with no load funds and professionally managed options in a fully integrated, easy to use platform that includes trading, custody, recordkeeping, compliance, billing, professional management and administrative functions.

ProActive’s philosophy is not to hide details so informed decisions can be made. We additionally work as a 3(21) fiduciary assuming responsibility for investment management. We can show employers how to engage our services to take much of the fiduciary burden off their plate, lower fees and charges and how to
significantly improve the objectivity and performance of their plan.

Make your investment in your employee benefits count. After all they should provide an ROI. Call ProActive Advisors to put our know how to work for your company. The savings we find typically will more than pay for our services many times over!

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