Still paying Retail to invest your Money?  You shouldn’t, and a robo-advisor is not a smart idea either. That’s because passive investing leaves you without risk management unless you’re game to accept a portfolio with a fixed allocation of stocks, bonds & alternatives with automatic rebalancing to maintain a flat level of risk exposure. We don’t think of that as risk management. It’s partial risk exposure, puts your money on auto pilot, and produces below-average returns unless you want the 100% risk exposure of stock index funds. Don’t think that’s the case? Just ask yourself why most investors suffer debilitating losses when a market correction comes around and you’ll stop your thought right there. And why settle on an investment program that doesn’t work anyway? Proactive Advisors offers institutional money management rates and helps you avoid the high cost of investing so you can accumulate more. In fact we find cases where we’re able to offset the entire cost of our management fees by reducing the investment charges you’re already paying. We’ll also very likely improve your investment results with our time-tested strategy and give you greater peace of mind your savings won’t be mismanaged. You see, Proactive Advisors strives to be sure clients enjoy the rewards of investing. We take pride in being part of the solution and not the reason investors have poor outcomes. We offer exceptional service and you can call whenever you have a financial question without feeling you’ll have to pay more. Below is our fee schedule:


ProActive Advisor’s Standard Fee Schedule

Assets Annual Fee
Up to – $999,999 1.5%
$1,000,000 – $2,499,999 1.0%
$2,500,000 – $4,999,999 .85%
$5,000,000 + Let’s Talk


Money Management Fees are negotiable based upon total account size managed and the number of accounts. Fees are subject to annual account minimums that do not include third-party brokerage and custodial charges or internal charges associated with ETFs and Mutual Funds. ProActive Advisors is not affiliated with any bank or broker dealer and we do not receive commissions on trades nor 12b-1 service fees. We work on your behalf to lessen them.

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