Money Management

Our objective as an Investment manager is to help you gain the rewards of investing. Our goal is to deliver transformative results by crafting utilitarian portfolios we optimize for your needs.

To achieve this goal we invest in companies with above-average potential and work to keep your money compounding. Accounts are individually managed and cross-matched to our model portfolios that we monitor every day. Then as political, economic, and valuation events occur triggering the 360Portfolios' indicators, our review process restarts. Corrective action to reallocate and safeguard portfolios is taken pro-actively. No auto-pilot strategies, no fixed allocations, nor passive indexing without risk management.  Reasoned decisions are made based upon developing inputs and time-tested decision-rules for compounding money.

So if you want better results without taking unnecessary risks, engage ProActive Advisors. We'll be your expert financial partner helping you achieve your important financial goals.

Characteristics of Our Portfolios

Qualitative Quantitative
Market Leadership Top Line Revenue Growth
Profitability / Upside Bottom Line Earnings
Good Financial Management Low Comparative Debt to Equity Ratio
Barriers to Entry (Technology, Size) Cost/ Margin Advantage, Market Share
Catalyst / Competitive Advantage High Relative Strength / Money Flow
Capitalization / Shares Outstanding High Trade Liquidity

Many factors impact security selection. Some are qualitative and comparative measures like brand, barriers to entry, and competitive advantage. Others are quantitative or fundamental measures based on financial results and market share. ProActive Advisors scores and ranks companies on these metrics and selects holdings from those very best opportunities.

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