Getting Job Skills in College

Americans are blessed. We can do anything. That’s our culture. That’s why we lead the world in so many areas.

To be successful, you need a vision and you must think critically. You don’t necessarily need good math skills or even a college degree. An education will increase the odds of your success though.

My favorite story is about a father’s meeting with his 13 year old son and the son’s principal. While waiting for the son to come down from his eighth grade class, the principal makes small talk with the father. Here’s the conversation:

Principal:  Say, where did you go to college?
Father:  Oh, I never went to college. Just never was a very good student I guess.
Principal:  Oh! Where did you go to high school then?
Father:  Well, I quit school in the 5th grade. I really never liked school all that much.
Principal:  You’re kidding me! Isn’t that your business down there on highway 421 that takes up the entire block?
Father:  Yes, that is my business.
Principal:  My, I’d say you’re successful. How’d you do it?
Father:  Well, I just tried to keep things real simple. Buy things for a dollar and sell them for two. Make a full 1%.

The father didn’t realize his math was off. He was making 100% by doubling his purchase price. He did have a vision. He knew what he needed to do. With that fat margin, his business was very profitable. He was in business to make money. To him, it was just common sense.

College isn’t imperative. It’s a finishing school that provides certification to third parties that you have successfully developed some skillsets. You’ve gone to a university to explore careers. You’ve learned to gather information and think critically. You’ve learned some problem solving skills. You’ve learned how to better communicate. You’ve learned to present your ideas to others. You’ve probably even learned some key management and leadership skills.

The problem with going to college, aside from the cost, is lack of career guidance. College is a lot like shopping at the mall. Lots to choose from. You can study and major in most anything you desire. The problem is the expense and the inefficiency of 4 years of undergraduate studies. The lack of focus on career readiness results in further requirements for study, more costs, and more debt. It’s a burden that can derail your life and deprive you of the benefits and success that college promises.

To help with this problem, ProActive Advisors offers a planning course called “Getting Job Skills in College”. It’s a four part, nine hour course that provides skillset counseling to college students. It’s a preparation for getting the most out of college from an employer’s perspective.

The total course cost for the five, one-on-one sessions is $1,800; groups of three may split the cost and pay $600 each or $150 per session. Payments are due at the beginning of each session with the breakdown of cost for the Senior year, two-part session being $300/$150 for the one-on-one’s and $100/$50 for the 3 person groups.

Think about it. You’ll spend 4 years in undergraduate school plus another one to two years in graduate school. Then you’ll have your ticket punched. You’ll be a certified college graduate just like everybody else.

Gain an edge with future employers by learning exactly what they want. Acquire the skillsets that employers are seeking while you’re taking your regular courses.

More course detail can be found in our a la carte drop down link below.

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