Financial Planning

11873223_sFinancial Planning will help you get ahead by making better financial decisions.  A quality financial plan integrates your current, personal financial circumstances with your long term goals, while addressing how your important short and intermediate needs will be met.

A Financial Plan is like a blueprint for a house; it will let you see what your future can look like now. It will establish a personal benchmark to help you measure your progress over time. It can show you your cash flows, surpluses and deficits, and identify how to fund important goals. Incorporated with an investment plan, it can power the achievement of your goals including your successful retirement. And it can serve as a ledger for planning your estate and establishing your legacy to pass on to beneficiaries.

Life events cause financial changes. To more successfully manage them, financial planning is beneficial. Usually it’s best to do planning before an event occurs, if it can be anticipated.

ProActive Advisors will help you manage the financial challenges you’ll confront by identifying the relevant impact variables and laying out steps necessary for successful outcomes.

To simply the process and minimize cost we focus on Life Events. We provide 10 Life Event Planning services. All plans begin with gathering and organizing information, reviewing facts & documents, and sorting the relevant from the irrelevant to decide a plan of action. But the crux of the process centers on your financial goal. We provide the expertise to pixelate your vision.

As with our Money Management services, our Financial Planning is done on a fee for service basis. All initial consultations are done without charge or obligation to start the conversation about what you want to accomplish. If we agree to move forward, we’ll prepare an engagement letter detailing the planning services we will provide and the fee for those services. We breakout the planning and money management services separately because not all planning requires implementation with money management services, and though most all clients whom we provide financial planning services for are also money management clients, there is no obligation for that to be so.

The 10 Life Event Plans are priced based on time and materials cost estimates at our standard planning rates. Because there are economies of scale where time is saved with our a la carte approach, Life Event Plans are priced on a project basis, NOT on an asset (how much you make or have) basis. Your situation could possibly have factors that raise our fee from what’s listed. Should that be the case the amount we will charge will be fully disclosed in advance in our Engagement letter before your planning is begun.

Details about the 10 Life Event Plans can be found in the dropdowns below. The plans and our fee for services are as listed in the table below:

            Life Event Plan     Fee       Life Event Plan    Fee
   Getting Job Skills in College $1,800 Pre-Retirement Plan^ $  500
   Successful Marriage Planning^ $   500 Business Exit Planning* $ 1,250
   Family Betterment Planning^ $   750 Post Retirement Plan^ $ 1,500
   Making College Affordable^ $   250 Legacy & Estate Plan* $ 1,000
   Managing Financial Windfalls^ $   500 Trust Protector Plan*^ $   750

^These basic planning services are included at no charge for Proactive Advisor’s Money Management clients. *These services may additionally require Legal services not included.

ProActive Advisors provides other Financial Planning services as described in the dropdowns below. We always prefer to price our planning services on a project basis so clients know what they will be charged. We don’t like nor appreciate the feeling there’s a meter running all the time and we don’t think you do either. That said, we can and do provide services that we perform on an hourly fee basis. Our standard Fee Schedule is available here.


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