Investment Strategies Should be Time-Tested6878000_s

As a Trustee or Director responsible for the investments of an organization’s Endowment, company’s Retirement Plan, or a Family Trust, you want to optimize returns while avoiding unnecessary risks. But too often the focus on safekeeping principal and distributing required income results in degraded performance. ProActive Advisors has addressed this shortcoming by re-formulating the investment process. We don’t ask trustee’s to define your Risk Tolerance and adhere to a fixed asset allocation. As professional managers we set your asset allocation mix attuned to value and opportunities in the markets as valuations change. You see, before Artificial Intelligence was all the buzz, we added technology to help us better see the markets and monitor Risk. We back-tested strategies to know their mathematical contribution, and we developed a proprietary software program to improve our money management capabilities— no rear view mirror investing.  

So as a Fiduciary on the hot seat reviewing your investment performance and seeing the need to improve it, work in your beneficiaries best interests and listen to how ProActive Advisors can help.

Call us and we’ll discuss how we upgraded the capital allocation process without venturing into “exotica” Alternatives sacrificing liquidity and taking-on high costs. We’ll describe how we maintain a hyena-like focus on the asset-liability imperative to deliver income while protecting capital. And we’ll provide detail about how legacy strategies are undermining your performance and actually introducing new portfolio risks. Learn more. Make the call and Let’s Talk.

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