Individual Investors

Planning + (Savings + Assets) x Management = Financial Goal

10162301_sWe provide Life Stage Planning and Money Management services to clients who need a financial partner to help them reach their financial goals. The formula above lays out each partner’s responsibilities.  You have important financial goals, assets and savings that need to grow and be protected for a special purpose. We devise how to make that happen proctoring the planning process and crafting a sound financial plan. Then we implement the necessary action steps to make the desired outcomes happen. 

Implementation is a combination of investment management and on-going review. Investment management means we take charge to invest on your behalf making all investment decisions so your savings can compound. On-going review means you’ll meet with us to keep us updated about your personal circumstances and review your progress along the way.  

It’s a relationship where your financial success is better assured because you’ll work with a partner whose interests are aligned with yours— professionals who watch your money like it was their own.

ProActive Advisors brings considerable value-added to Clients— not just insightful advice, but also expertise navigating the financial markets. Our founder and chief investment officer, Lawrence York, is a Morningstar, Inc. recognized “FIVE STAR” Fund Manager. Look over his market commentaries (available on our Blog) and you’ll recognize ProActive is not you’re ordinary firm. We don’t shackle you into a fixed asset allocation and put you on an automatic rebalancing program. We follow the news, monitor economic events, assess valuations, and make changes sync’d to where we see the business cycle moving. So whatever your Life Stage, carefully consider your choice of a financial adviser. Getting it right means you’ll have a greater chance of achieving your important financial goals.  It begins with a conversation about financial success means to you. Let’s Talk.

ProActive Advisors is not a bank or broker and is not affiliated with one. We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor.  This means we are not ‘Agents” trying to sell you investments with high, hidden comissions and lackluster returns. We act as a Principal on your behalf in the financial markets striving to keep costs low and your investments compounding. All accounts  we manage are held with an independent, third-party custodian of your choice like Fidelity, Pershing, Interactive Brokers, and TIAA CREF.

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