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Investing is About Time and Money

10382332_sSomehow Wall Street has convinced Main Street that poor performance is acceptable if it compares favorably to a benchmark index. Indeed, some managers boast they lose less in a down market while conveniently omitting they also underperform in an up market. Shouldn’t you instead judge your performance by whether or not you achieve your investment objectives?

ProActive Advisors has reformulated conventional money management practices, discarding legacy strategies and auto-pilot methods that make investing an improbable game of chance. Our approach transforms the common research process into a calculated ‘Reward-for-Risk’ methodology that stacks the odds of above-average return in the investor’s favor. Our investment discipline is both qualitative & quantitative and it employs valuation and timeliness indicators to assess opportunity. So if you feel time is escaping and the conventional money management approach is lacking, why not gain insight into a better way to invest? Some say it’s remarkable. We think it’s just a more intelligent way to invest. Let’s Talk.

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