Our View of the Market

October 2017 – Strength and Weaknesses Send Mixed Signals Despite new growth in the global economy and still historically low interest rates, institutional investors are divided about whether the stock market is over-valued or poised to move higher. Warren Buffet recently stated his opinion: “Valuations make sense with interest rates where they are.”  Yet other    READ MORE

15 Oct 2017

Geo-Political Risks and Opportunity…

May 2016 – Geo-Political Risk Creeping into Market… The news of President Trump’s abrupt firing of the FBI director and suspicion it was motivated by the FBI director’s investigation of his administration’s activities with Russia are unsettling. But it’s not all bad, nor likely to tarnish the President in the end— though General Flynn may    READ MORE

16 May 2017

Bonds loose and Stocks Win for Now…

BONDS LOOSE FOR NOW AND STOCKS WIN… The important question is what should investors do now, stay long stocks and bail on bonds? As investment managers we tend to ignore the noise, not chase the market and assess relevant facts. As we see it the rise of stocks and fall in bonds is speculation by investors    READ MORE

17 Nov 2016

Fed Vice-Chairman Fischer calls for Help!

OCTOBER 2016 – Advisor Commentary Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Stanley Fisher, is making rounds advocating the need to for Fiscal (Tax) policy initiatives. His argument is that we appear to be in a period of low inflation and low natural interest rates—an equilibrium point so low that our zero interest policy cannot stimulate    READ MORE

18 Oct 2016

A Yield Hungry World

AUGUST 2016 – $152 Trillion and Counting – Amount of New Global Debt Since 2008 Most every fixed income investors have been adversely affected by the historically low interest rates providing life support for the impaired economy since the financial crisis of 2008. Indeed it’s was unimaginable that $1.0 million would yield less than $25,000    READ MORE

15 Sep 2016

BREXIT – A Time for US

BREXIT – A Time for US Not so fast. Brexit is here and investors are unnerved, but the West should be elated. The vote is a pro-west, King Dollar event. Consider the facts. In October of this year the IMF has planned to use a basket of currencies including the YUAN or RENMINBI, China’s currency,    READ MORE

27 Jun 2016

Rumors Speak of a Market Correction

There is a chorus of commentary circulating on back channels about a coming market correction. Some of the threads urge investors to act now to protect themselves from the coming market collapse driven by Central Bank “easy money” policies. They recommend investors buy physical gold, hard assets like real estate- especially farmland, pre-64 coins, and    READ MORE

17 Jun 2016

The Stock Market & Economy are out of Sync…

Shortly we’ll know if the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates for the first time in nine (9) years. Our belief is they will do so while making it clear they will be pursuing a gradualist policy of moving ever so slowly. In fact, the data hardly support the need to raise rates. Housing starts    READ MORE

07 Dec 2015

What’s the Economic Outlook?


30 Oct 2015

How, what, where now?

  The recent market environment has become more volatile with 300 point daily price swings seemingly the norm. The cause for this volatility is global economic uncertainty, first with Greece and its potential impact on European and US multinational banks, and secondly with China and the turmoil in their financial markets. Now analysts are focused    READ MORE

29 Sep 2015
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